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Fifteen years ago, Senegal took crucial steps to improve human development: the country will fight malnutrition by working across sectors and levels of government. The results speak for themselves. Now, with a new National Nutrition Policy (PDF, 1MB) launched in 2015, the Senegalese Government is on the brink of launching a new Multisectoral Nutrition Strategic Plan (PSMNPlan Stratégique Multisectoriel de Nutrition) that will set the stage for years to come.

Many eyes are on Senegal at this crucial point. We’ll be updating this page and hosting the new technical series as reports are published. Keep an eye out for information on the launch of the PSMN and news about nutrition in Senegal.

What the press is saying

Press interview with Abdoulaye Ka, National Coordinator for the Cellule de Lutte contre la Malnutrition (French)

Courtesy of Dakaractu.

Want to know more about the history of nutrition in Senegal?

See additional research by partners like the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the World Bank Group.

Nutrition in Senegal: Achievements and Prospects (2011, link) 

Case Studies:
Working Multisectorally in Nutrition (2011, link) 
Stories of Change in Nutrition: A Tool Pool (2015, PDF 143 KB) 

Reports and Briefs:
A Decade of World Bank Support to Senegal's Nutrition Program (2016, link) 
Une décennie de soutien de la Banque mondiale au programme de nutrition du Sénégal (2017, link, French)
Community Dynamics: A Pivotal Success Factor of Senegal's NEP (2017, PDF 250 KB)
Effective Service Delivery in Senegal's Fight against Malnutrition (2017, PDF 300 KB)


Analysis & Perspective: 15 Years of Experience in the Development of Nutrition Policy in Senegal

a child in Senegal

Photo credit: Adama Cisse/Cellule de Lutte Contre la Malnutrition

At SecureNutrition, we are focused on how to do multisectoral development for nutrition. Senegal is unusual in its early and groundbreaking approach to the institutionalization of multisectoral action against malnutrition, and we committed to bring together some of the key documents that catalogue Senegal’s amazing progress against malnutrition.

We’ll be spotlighting new technical work from the World Bank Group and its partners. The series Analysis & Perspective: 15 Years of Experience in the Development of Nutrition Policy in Senegal (see below) summarizes the country’s experience in the development of nutrition policy, while identifying remaining gaps in funding and implementation for nutrition objectives. It makes the case for investing in the scale-up of successful, cost-effective interventions by the Senegalese government and highlights how nutrition interventions and investments work across sectors.

SecureNutrition will be hosting these eight new reports as they are published in 2017. The series provides a depth of understanding to Senegal’s nutrition environment that is rarely seen, but which will inform sound policy investments for years to come.

Nutrition Situation in Senegal
Marc Nene
Capacities of the Nutrition Sector in Senegal
Gabriel Deussom, Victoria Wise, Marie Solange Ndione, and Aida Gadiaga
Evolution of Nutrition Policy in Senegal
Andrea L. Spray
Risks for Scaling up Nutrition in Senegal
Babacar Ba
Political Economy of Nutrition Policy in Senegal
Ashley M. Fox
Cost and Benefits of Scaling Up Nutrition Interventions in Senegal
Christian Yao
Nutrition Financing in Senegal
Marie-Jeanne Offosse N.
A Decade of World Bank Support to Senegal’s Nutrition Program (IEG Full Report)
Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) (World Bank Group)

The Investment Case

The Multisectoral Nutrition Strategic Plan (PSMNPlan Stratégique Multisectoriel de Nutrition) is the roadmap that will lead Senegal to the outcomes agreed on in the 2015 Nutrition Policy (PDF, 1 MB). Once it is reviewed and approved by the Government of Senegal, you will be able to access it here.

But if a policy is a vision, and a plan is a roadmap, then what we need is a vehicle to drive everyone along. That is where the Investment Case comes in.

investment case graphic

This document (forthcoming) reflects all of the deep research collected by the Analysis and Perspectives series, and funnels it into a compelling case for getting everyone on the road together. The Government of Senegal has many tools to help fund and support its Nutrition Policy and Multisectoral Nutrition Strategic Plan. But, it will take many other stakeholders, both national and international, to get the job done. We encourage you to read through the Investment Case (forthcoming) and see why maintaining Senegal's leadership around nutrition is a win for the country, its people, and the international community.

This document will be available later in 2017.