Malnutrition in Bangladesh: Harnessing Social Protection for the Most Vulnerable

Social Protection, Gender, Nutrition
Save the Children
Save the Children
South Asia
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February, 2015
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​A report led by Save the Children and supported by the Civil Society Alliance for Scaling Up Nutrition Bangladesh, which examines country-specific links between malnutrition and social protection. In addition to looking at the basic question of 'how' social protection can address malnutrition (pg. 9), the report explores relevant pathways, includes a modified UNICEF framework showing where (e.g.) in-kind transfers, caregiver social status, and water supply make conceptual fits, and looks at additional interactions with inter-generational poverty and with governance. Additionally, the report explore women's empowerment in the context of social protection, and more specifically the importance of targeting adolescent girls for nutrition outcomes. Visuals and take-aways from a variety of projects make this 80 page report accessible for skimming, while supplying a wealth of data from informed sources. See Appendix A for a "Nutrition-sensitive social protection checklist" that can support program design.

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