Improving Nutrition through Social Protection (Brief)

Social Protection, Nutrition
World Bank Group (WBG)
Alessandra Marini, Harold Alderman, Meera Shekar
Publication Dates:
January, 2013
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​This guidance brief is a summary version of Module D of Improving Nutrition through Multisectoral Approaches and focuses on the integration of nutrition into social protection policies and programs. This brief aims to provide practical guidance for maximizing the nutrition impacts of social protection investments through the inclusion of components such as directing transfers to women, targeting the most vulnerable and the correct age group (-9 to 24 months), and adding nutrition education or a micronutrient supplementation component to social protection programs. The pathways through which these programs can influence nutritional outcomes and the different policy choices that can derive from each of them is determined by asking three basic questions: (i) How can we maximize the impact of income transfers on nutrition?; (ii) With what services might the social protection programs be linked?; and (iii) Who should be targeted?

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