SUN 2017 Global Gathering Resource Collection

Nutrition, Multisector
Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN)
Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN)
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November, 2017
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Welcome to the 2017 SUN Global Gathering Knowledge Management (KM) and Technical Assistance (TA) resource page.

The collection below was prepared by nutrition KM and TA providers seen below. The resources support 2017 SUN GG attendees as well as the broader international community working on nutrition policy and programs:



​Action Against Hunger

WASH’ Nutrition: A practical guidebook on increasing nutritional impact through integration of WASH and Nutrition programmes
The guidebook primarily addresses field practitioners, WASH and Nutrition programme managers working in humanitarian and development contexts, and responds to the need for more practical guidance on WASH and   nutrition integration at the field level. It can also be used as a practical tool for donors and institutions (such as ministries of health) to prioritise strategic activities and funding options.

Health System Strengthening: From diagnosis to programming (Guide)
This Guide provides an overview of the approach and describes eleven steps covering the preparation and planning processes. The diagnosis aims at creating a common vision, and identifying the weaknesses and strengths of the health system and the planning phase build up synergy between actors, by defining solutions and activities to be implemented to strengthen the health system, and enhance its resilience. Guidance and tools are provided for each step. Global explanations regarding the approach are described, as well as practical guidance or tips, to facilitate the implementation of the approach.

Budget Advocacy Handbook for Nutrition
This handbook is intended for civil society and those who are keen to enter the field of advocacy, specifically nutrition financing (parliamentarians, SUN platforms and Focal Points, members of government and civil servants). This handbook is designed to provide an improved understanding of budget advocacy and contains four main sections. The initial sections provide a sound understanding of the various key concepts as well as budget classification. The final two sections provide specific guidance and examples on preparing, delivering and monitoring budget advocacy.

Agriculture, Nutrition & Health Academy

"Diet Dimensions": a case study on a sustainable diets policy game
An introduction to the live, social game “Diet Dimensions”. An adapted version of the game will be played at the SUN GG on Tuesday during the session on criteria and characteristics of ‘good’ national nutrition plans.


Field Exchange 51: Special issue on multisectoral programming
Special Issue of Field Exchange on multi-sectoral programming from around the world.

Understanding the Common Results Framework: 5-country case study
Review of the Common Results Framework (CRF) concept including the experiences of 5 SUN countries.

Understanding the Common Results Framework  (part 2 | part 3)
Podcast/video series on the Common Results Framework: 1) Planning & development; 2) Implementation; 3) Evaluation and strengthening.

NutritionGroups (interactive portal)
New online platform to support exchange and collaboration among people working in nutrition.


Global Fortification Data Exchange
Global fortification database and new mapping study of current efforts and progress.

Global Panel

Urban Diets and Nutrition: Trends, challenges and opportunities for policy action
Explores the deepening crisis of urban malnutrition in low- and middle-income countries and the forces that drive it.

Food Systems and Diets: Facing the challenges of the 21st century
It identifies decisions that policymakers need to take in the coming decade to invest in effective policies to reduce all forms of malnutrition.


Summary Brief (Fra)
MQSUN+ provides technical assistance to SUN and DFID to accelerate scaling up nutrition efforts worldwide.

Technical Support Menu of Services (Fra)
MQSUN+ provides a range of technical assistance services to SUN countries and the SUN Movement Secretariat.

Global Gathering 2017 Poster
MQSUN+ has been providing technical assistance to scaling up nutrition efforts for over 5 years - with great success.

How to Estimate the Cost of Nutrition-Sensitive Actions in a Common Results Framework: A guidance note
This guidance note describes the process of developing and costing a common results framework.

Planning and Costing to Accelerate Actions for Scaling-up Nutrition
This brief summarises a review of 20 countries' national nutrition plans to assess what works.

Multisectoral Planning for Nutrition
This guidance note lays out the process of developing a common results framework.

Checklist on the Criteria and Characteristics of "Good" National Nutrition Plans
This checklist lays the key factors that make a successful national nutrition plan.

Common Results Framework Planning Tool
This CRF planning tool allows you to search through the details of twenty SUN country nutrition plans - which serve as their common results frameworks.

National Information Platform for Nutrition (NIPN)

National Information Platform for Nutrition
Country platforms to generate analysis and evidence for decision making in nutrition.

Nutrition International - TAN

Mapping Information Systems for Nutrition in SUN Countries: Full Report
A standard framework that systematically assesses the state of information systems for nutrition across 57 of the 59 SUN countries.

Mapping Information Systems for Nutrition in SUN Countries: Methods
Overview of methods and sources.

Mapping Information Systems for Nutrition in SUN Countries: Summary  (Fra | Esp)
Overview of the mapping research methodology and key findings. It presents an overview of the results for the 57 SUN countries that were included in the mapping.

MEAL Country Dashboard: Guidance  (Fra | Esp)
Country Dashboards aim to help users to identify performance patterns and inform strategic decisions.

MEAL Country Dashboard: Example  (Fra | Esp)
Country Dashboards aim to help users to identify performance patterns and inform strategic decisions.

MEAL Baseline Document 2017  (Fra | Esp)
List of indicators, data sources and alignment with internationally agreed frameworks and monitoring initiatives.

About TAN
English and French flyer outlining the support available to SUN countries through the Technical Assistance for Nutrition (TAN) program.

The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science

Report on the Modeling Tools Meeting, April 2017
Detailed report of discussions held at the New York Academy of Sciences on the use of modeling tools for nutrition decision-making.

Nutrition Activities at the Sackler Institute
List of activities related to nutrition carried out by the Sackler Institute that may be of interest to SUN stakeholders.

SDG2 Advocacy Hub
Hub for campaign tools and News on SDG2 related activity.

SDG2 Advocacy Hub

SDG2 Advocacy Hub
Hub for campaign tools and News on SDG2 related activity.

Chefs Manifesto
Framework for Chefs to connect their work to the global goals.


Multisectoral Nutrition “How-To Guide” (Beta)
An interactive portion of that helps users to ask the right questions in the context of multisectoral nutrition programs.

Case Study Compendium on Nutrition and Social Protection Programs
21 country case studies of nutrition-sensitive social protection programs.

Sight and Life

Sight and Life Magazine: A focus on food culture
A curated selection of articles that explore the social and cultural domains of food choices and food experiences more broadly.

Sight and Life Magazine: Women’s nutrition
While optimal nutrition for older infants and young children is currently a global focus, we must not forget that women’s nutrition is also critical.

Sight and Life Supplement: Scaling-up rice fortification
Magazine supplement created with the World Food Programme, full of information regarding rice fortification in Latin America. This comprehensive overview explains why fortifying rice with micronutrients can be part of an affordable, effective strategy to increase the intake of essential vitamins and minerals to reduce the prevalence of micronutrient malnutrition.

A Vitamin and Mineral Guide
A guide to the essential vitamins and minerals.


Nutrition Budget Analysis Tool
Includes both an Excel workbook for analyzing nutrition budget data, and a user's guide.

Community Health Worker Nutrition Advocacy Kit
The SPRING website contains factsheets detailing the roles and responsibilities of CHWs for nutrition, for 9 countries.

Nutrition Workforce Mapping Toolkit
A simple and easy-to-use toolkit for mapping the nutrition workforce within the health sector.

A User Guide to Context Assessment Tools for Linking Agriculture and Nutrition
This interactive tool aims to support the process of choosing the most appropriate tool for a given context and design purpose.

Anemia Landscape Analysis Tool
An Excel-based tool and user's guide which allows you to present information on the anemia situation in your country in a format that can be shared with stakeholders.

Transform Nutrition

Understanding, Enabling, and Building Effective Leadership in Nutrition
Research brief which summarises Transform Nutrition research on nutrition leadership.

Stories of Change in Nutrition: What works in the real world?
Research synthesis brief which gives an overview of the findings from Stories of Change country studies.

Public-Private Partnerships and Undernutrition: Examples and future prospects
Research brief about nutrition public-private partnerships.

New Approaches to Accountability in Nutrition
Research brief which describes the research, tools and approaches developed by the Transform Nutrition consortium to build, monitor and increase commitment, responsiveness and accountability in nutrition.

UN Network for SUN

Table of Contents: Key UN agency documents for SUN Stakeholders
The documents in this "table of contents" were compiled in preparation for the 2017 Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Global Gathering marketplace. They represent UN agency highlights considered relevant for SUN Global Gathering participants.