Leveraging Social Protection Programs for Improved Nutrition : Report on the Proceedings of the Global Forum on Nutrition-Sensitive Social Protection Programs, 2015

Nutrition, Social Protection
World Bank Group (WBG)
Andrea L. Spray
Publication Dates:
November, 2016
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This report contains practical summaries of all sessions and round-table discussions during the Global Forum on Nutrition-Sensitive Social Protection Programs. It also distils major lessons, opportunities, and remaining challenges in the are of nutrition-sensitive social protection programs into succinct tables, and provides process documentation to assist others who want to convene a similarly large effort.

The Global Forum on Nutrition-Sensitive Social Protection Programs was co-hosted by Secure Nutrition and the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance, and held in Moscow in September of 2015 with attendance from approximately 150 participants across 20 countries in 6 languages. Key moments included peer-to-peer exchanges between country representatives running similar programs; program snapshots from Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America; and keynote presentations from the World Bank Group and IFPRI.  

Some of the key objectives of the Global Forum were to:

  • Better understand existing needs of countries to assist them in setting up well-functioning nutrition-sensitive social protection programs;
  • Support countries in catalyzing, building commitment for, designing, establishing, managing, and scaling up nutrition-sensitive social protection programs; and
  • Disseminate best policies and practices and innovative approaches in the area of social protection systems linking food security and nutrition, poverty reduction, and agricultural production.

The other Global Forum products are the Summary of Evidence and the Compendium of Case Studies.

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