Field Exchange 56

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Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN)
Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN)
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December, 2017
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This issue of Field Exchange focuses on nutrition cluster coordination experiences. The edition reflects the progression of the Global Nutrition Cluster from a focus in the early days on development of tools, materials, and research to a much greater emphasis on strengthening country coordination, creating strategic partnerships, and providing support to secure appropriate and high-quality nutrition programming in emergency contexts. Despite all the achievements, the GNC still faces a number of challenges, including a limited understanding among donors and other actors of the impact the Cluster is having (with impacts on limited funding), a profound deterioration in the nutrition status of populations in fragile and conflict-affected states, the need to ramp up strategic engagement with the other clusters (WASH, health, food security, cash transfers, etc.), development actors, and donors, as well as with local actors and governments.

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