Development of a Dichotomous Indicator for Population-Level Assessment of Dietary Diversity in Women of Reproductive Age

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Current Developments in Nutrition
Yves Martin-Prevel, Mary Arimond, Pauline Allemand, et al.
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January, 2018
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This article summarizes a study to develop a dichotomous (yes/no) indicator reflecting an acceptable level of dietary diversity in women of reproductive age (WRA; aged 15–49 years). The authors performed a secondary analysis of 9 data sets and calculated an individual “mean probability of adequacy” (MPA) across 11 micronutrients. They found that, in those settings where resource-intensive dietary methods are not feasible, a simple dichotomous indicator based on a cutoff of >5 of 10 defined food groups reflects “minimum dietary diversity for women of reproductive age.” The indicator is intended for population-level assessment and possibly for tracking of change in dietary diversity across time.

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