Can Cash Transfers Improve Determinants of Maternal Mortality? Evidence from the Household and Community Programs in Indonesia

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Nutrition, Social Protection, Health
Social Science & Medicine Journal
Dian Kusumaab, Jessica Cohena, Margaret McConnella, and Peter Bermana
East Asia & Pacific
Resource Publication Date:
August, 2016
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This paper assesses the effects of Indonesia’s national cash transfer programs, PKH (conditional) and Generasi (unconditional) on the determinants of maternal mortality, using samples of 14,000 and 12,000 households respectively. It shows that Generasi improved maternal health knowledge, access to health services, and nutritional intake. As for PKH, its strongest effects seem concentrated on the utilization of health services. Both programs, however, are unlikely to have a large effect on maternal mortality due to design and implementation issues. 

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