The 1.5 Billion People Question: Food, Vouchers, or Cash Transfers?

Nutrition, Social Protection, Food Security
World Bank Group (WBG)
Harold Alderman, Ugo Gentilini, and Ruslan Yemtsov (editors)
Resource Publication Date:
September, 2017
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This book explores how to integrate the agendas of social protection and food assistance, focusing on learning from countries’ experiences using food, vouchers, or cash transfers, and underscoring the pivotal role of food security as central to any poverty response. Countries are increasingly moving from in-kind provisions to cash-based transfers, often with vouchers as an intermediate step. Authors argue that many of the precursors of current cash transfer programs were in-kind measures and that such measures are still relevant in certain circumstances. The analysis lies at the intersection of economics, political economy, politics, sociology, and history to help confute some myths about food assistance, highlight the complex objectives pursued by well-intentioned food programs, and identify insightful lessons from reform processes.

Part of the Rapid Social Response – Nutrition-Sensitive grant window of the World Bank, and funded by the Russian Federation.

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