Archives: SecureNutrition Newsletters & Spotlights

Archives: SecureNutrition Newsletters & Spotlights

SecureNutrition works to bridge the operational knowledge gaps between nutrition and all of its underlying causes. Our monthly Newsletter offers a range of multisectoral nutrition resources, a calendar of upcoming key nutrition-related events, blogposts, infographics, and a summary of nutrition-relevant news you may have missed. Below you will find an archive of all Newsletters sent to our mailing list. If you have not signed up, please do so here.

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2017 December:
SUN Global Gathering 2017 Resources
Global Nutrition Report 2017
IFPRI | Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture: What Have we Learned? 

2017 November:
GloPAN | Urban Diets & Nutrition
Global Fortification Data Exchange
Action Against Hunger/WaterAid/SHARE | Integrating WASH into Actions Against Malnutrition

2017 October:
FAO | State of Food Security & Nutrition
FANTA | Multisectoral Nutrition Programming
UNICEF | How to Make Cash-plus Work

2017 September:
ENN | Field Exchange 55 & Nutrition Exchange 8
WFP | Smart School Meals in Latin America & the Caribbean
SNV | Triggering for Positive Behavior Change in Nutrition

2017 July:
SUN | Nutrition Action Mapping
IPES-Food | Urban Food Policy Case Studies
PIN | Behaviour Change Toolkit

2017 June:
World Bank | A Decade of Support to Nutrition in Senegal
GloPAN | Improving Nutrition through Food Environments
FAO | Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture & Food Systems

2017 May:
World Bank | Spring Meetings & Nutrition: Food Revolution, Investing in Adolescents, Early Years Roundtable 
UNSCN | Nutrition Global Governance
IFPRI | Nutrition-sensitive Evaluations

2017 April:
USAID SPRING | Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture
World Bank | Are Poor Individuals mainly Found in Poor Households?
The Economist Intelligence Unit | Non-communicable Diseases as the Next Pandemic

2017 March:
Independent Commission for Aid | DFID Cash Transfer Programmes on Poverty and Vulnerability
Global Food Security | Improving Nutrition through Biofortification
FAO/PAHO | Panorama of Food and Nutrition Security in Latin America and the Caribbean

2017 February:
SecureNutrition Seminar | Key Steps for Nutrition-Sensitive Social Protection
USAID SPRING and Advancing Partners and Communities (APC) | Community Health Worker Nutrition Advocacy Tools
SUN UN Network | Criteria and Characteristics of 'Good' National Nutrition Plans

2017 January:
SUN/REACH | Compendium of Actions for Nutrition  
World Bank | Investing in Nutrition: the Foundation for Development 
USAID | Operationalizing Multisectoral Coordination and Collaboration for Improved Nutrition

2016 December:
WCRF | NOURISHING Food Policy Database Update
World Bank | Incentives & Nutrition: Report + Practitioners Compendium
REFANI | Literature Review: Cash Transfer Programs and Malnutrition

2016 June:
WFP + others | Global School Feeding Sourcebook
WHO | Foodborne Disease Report
FAO | Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES) Methods

2016 May:
World Bank | Future of Food
FAO, EU, FANTA | Women's Minimum Diet Diversity

2016 April:
Save the Children | Malnutrition and Social Protection in Zambia
ILRI IFPRI | Malnutrition and Climate in Kenya
SHINE | Trial on WASH and Nutrition

2016 February:
SNV and Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) | Interactive Toolkit for Agriculture/Gender/Nutrition
FANTA | Family Planning and Nutrition
FAO | Food-based Complementary Feeding Reviews

2016 January:
FAO | Nutrition-Sensitive Programme Guidance
UNICEF | Report on Children & Cash Transfers in Africa
GLOPAN | Brief on Local School Meals

2015 November:
Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition
FAO | State of Food and Agriculture 2015
IFPRI | Hunger Index 2015

2015 October:
UNICEF | Cash Transfers & Nutrition
FAO | Nutrition & Social Protection
GNR | The Global Nutrition Report

2015 August:
FANTA | Nutrition, Food Security, and Family Planning
Food and Nutrition Bulletin | Integrated Agriculture and Extension Services
SAFANSI | Multisectoral Pilot in India

2015 July:
SecureNutrition Blog | The Challenge of Measuring Hunger
IFPRI/FAO | Brief on Agriculture-Nutrition Knowledge
World Bank | Cash Transfer Pilot for Education and Nutrition

2015 June:
FAO | State of Food Insecurity 2015
High Level Panel of Experts on Water, Nutrition, and Food Security
Tata-Cornell Seminar | Agriculture and Nutrition Initiative

2015 May:
World Bank | Agenda for the Global Food System
Save the Children | Adolescent Nutrition and SUN+
OECD | Paper on Nutrition and Social Protection

2015 April:
Blog | Learning from World Bank History
UNSCN | Nutrition Indicators in the SDGs
IFPRI | Global Food Policy Report

2015 March:
Copenhagen Consensus on Post Harvest Loss
Save the Children | Nutrition and Social Protection in Bangladesh
Lancet 2015 | Obesity and Foody Systems

2015 January:
Harvesting Nutrition | Award Ceremony
FAO | Voices of the Hungry
Integrating Micronutrients into Agricultural Programs

2014 December:
GNR | Global Nutrition Report 2014
IFPRI | Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security
FAO | Improving Diets and Nutrition

2014 November:
FAO | State of Food Insecurity & State of Food and Agriculture 2014
IFPRI | Global Hunger Index
ICN2 | Second International Conference on Nutrition

2014 July:
Harvesting Nutrition Winners announced
Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index (HANCI) 2013
DFID | Nutrition for Growth

2014 April:
IFPRI | Global Food Policy Report
Save the Children | Nutrition-sensitivity: How Agriculture can Improve Child Nutrition 
B&M Gates Foundation | Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition in Post-2015 Framework

2014 January:
Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition project (BFN Project) | Unlocking the Potential of Wild Edibles
FAO | Milk and Dairy Products in Human Nutrition
World Bank | The Challenge of Measuring Hunger

2013 November:
UNICEF | Addressing Malnutrition Multisectorally
IFPRI | 2013 Global Hunger Index
FSN | Food Security and Nutrition Forum on West Africa

2013 October:
World Bank | Poverty, Malnutrition and Vulnerability in Mali
FAO | State of Food Insecurity 2013
ACF | Sowing the Seeds of Good Nutrition

2013 September:
GAIN/USAID | Improving Complementary Feeding in Rural Kenya
SPRING | Nutrition-led Agriculture in Senegal
ADB | Food Security in Asia and the Pacific

2013 August:
FAO and ADB | Gender in Food Security and Nutrition
LCIRAH | Developing Methods in Agriculture and Health Research
griculture, Nutrition and Health in Nepal and Uganda

2013 June:
FAO | State of Food and Agriculture
8 views for the G8
Save the Children | Food for Thought

2013 April:
IDS | Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index (HANCI) 2012
IFPRI | Global Food Policy Report 2012
High Level Consultation on Hunger, Food Security, and Nutrition

2013 March:
World Bank/B&M gates Foundation + others | Nutrition in the post-2015 Development Agenda
LSHTM | Master's Level Training Module in Nutrition
GAIN | Marketplace for Nutritious Foods in Mozambique

2012 November:
FAO | Integrated Food Security Classification Phase
FSN | Making Agriculture Work for Nutrition
IDS | Ending Hunger and Malnutrition

2012 October:
UNGA | Food Security and Nutrition
UNICEF/WHO/World Bank | Joint Child Malnutrition Estimates
ACF | Aid for Nutrition

2012 September:
SecureNutrition and FAO | Global Discussion on Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture
Bread for the World | Scaling Up Global Nutrition 
FAO | Sustainable Diets and Biodiversity


2017 October:
New Blogs: Agriculture for Food & Nutrition Security in South Asia | Is Every Child Getting Enough Nutritious Food?
New Blog from SPRING: Bringing Early Childhood Development and Nutrition Together for Greater Impact

2017 September:
Resources from two recent events: Government Action for Nutrition Roundtable | Fill the Nutrient Gap Webinar

2017 May:
New Blogs | Food Systems and Food Environment in Brazil and Nigeria

2015 October:
World Bank/HarvestPlus/Agrilinks | Cost-Effectiveness of Biofortification Webinar

2015 September:
Online Discussion on Nutrition-sensitive Social Protection Programs

2015 July:
Food Policy Journal Highlights on Agriculture Health and Nutrition Links

2015 June:
New Ideas in Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture

2015 May:
Rebalancing Agriculture

2015 March:
Webinar | Agriculture and Food-Based Approaches for Addressing Malnutrition

2014 July:
ATNI Stakeholder Consultations

2013 September:
Harvesting Nutrition Contest

2013 August:
Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Civil Society Network

2013 July:
Agriculture-Nutrition Links in Pakistan

2013 June:
The Private Sector's Role in Improved Nutrition